Mayumi Hasegawa

" To create,
it's a challenge or an adventure to myself, and it's a question to society.
Design is not accomplished on a desk with a pen and a paper
but, it inhabits in an acutal creation work"

Designer Mayumi Hasegawa
born in Tokyo on July 6, 1977

Grown in a circumstances with her grandmother and parents who are conversant in making goods.Being at the university, Mayumi started to educate herself to make articles.

2000:Some belts are exhibited at Mihara Yasuhiro - AW collection.
2001:At Agosto Shop, Mayumi's designed belts and bags are exhibited for full seasons.

2003 : Spring - MAAYU co-operation was established.
September - took part in [ ROOMS], a joint exhibition headed by Ashupe-France.
2004 Autumn: Mayumi first re-make collection (apparel) are shown.
2005 February: Worked for total leather design and process applied on the interior walls of "international gallery" renovated and opened in BEAMS head quarter building.
2006 January: Big-sized Boston bags made of Python-leather collaborated with a mag "LEON" which becomes to stand for " a bit attractive elder man ".
April : a first tied shop of Mayumi Hasegawa is opened at Harajuku in Omotesando.
May : Boston bags appeared in the mag of "Precious" are limitedly sold at Ginza shop of "Barneies New York" and at "Mayumi Hasegawa Harajuku shop".

Mayumi is preparing new challenged articles like re-made jeans, T-shirts and silver-made-accessories as well as known wallets, bags and shoes with featured and fresh dying ability.

Mayumi takes her step far apart from being a designer because she knows a reality visible only in the process of proposal to sales drive making a point of "handmade mass production" productivity.

Resolving a common knowledge, Mayumi is making her every endeavor to make a new one with her own hands.....

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